Experimenting with New Technologies: Our Take (Hackathon)

To be prepared for something, one must practice preparedness. This is how we at IT Craft do it.

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed this game-changing skill every project needs: flexibility. In this blog post, we discuss how our web development department keeps our developers on their toes and flexible: a hackathon.

Evolve or Die

What could be a problem? On one hand, technological changes are not likely to emerge overnight. A service that runs smoothly today is likely to keep doing so for reasonable period of time. On the other hand, when looking at long-term projects, they evolve together with their technological stack, becoming different from what was in the first release.

Just to list a few more-than-just-possible challenges enduring projects face:

  • Before starting a custom solution development, your development team analyzes technological stacks your competitors use. They apply it or offer an easier-to-maintain alternative. In either case, it must be a responsible choice.
  • A new, improved version of a framework is in its beta. It is more powerful, has more features under its hood but it is not compatible with the previous version. You must migrate to it ASAP, before your competitors do.
  • Your solution relies heavily on a 3rd-party service and it announces a shutdown.
  • A new elegant service is available. It seems likely to solve app maintenance problems, saving your team time and/or effort. Someone must examine the option.

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